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Published: June 14, 2020 1:40 PM /


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Minute of Islands made its debut at the Guerrilla Collective with its intriguing trailer courtesy of Studio Fizbin.

You play as Mo, a skilled tinkerer living with her family on a pastoral archipelago, once inhabited by an ancient race of inscrutable giants. Their otherworldly but vital machines, festering in the underbellies of the islands themselves, must be kept going or an almost forgotten threat will swallow all. Mo vows to restore the hidden engines in time, but is this truly what she needs?

Minute of Islands is a puzzle-platformer. The puzzles will revolve around Mo's Omni-Switch, which she uses to control the giants' machines. This will be how you solve Minute of Islands' environmental puzzles, and produce platforms for you to move across. You won't be alone in your journey either as Mo will encounter supporting characters as she explores these different islands, each one with their own collection of oddities.

But the biggest stand out for Minute of Islands has to be its art style. It's described as something from a comic book, and in the brighter spots of the trailer, it's an apt description. There are bright colors that pop out, Mo's design is minimal but endearing, and there's a lot of impressive backdrops that just make the imagination race. But as the trailer goes on, it can also get graphic and disturbing, something out of an alternative adults-only animated series. Blood, gore, the rotting corpse of a long-dead monster, and the appearance of a giant that looks like something from a children's nightmare are also present. In a way, it's impressive since their presence don't feel at odds with the more wholesome designs, but it does make the prospect of getting this game an age rating quite daunting.

Currently, Minute of Islands only has a vague 2020 release date.

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