Minimalist City Builder Islanders Gets New Buildings, New Islands And More

Published: May 8, 2019 12:30 PM /



City-building strategy game Islanders has received a content update. Grizzly Games says it's bringing "some of the most requested features" to the game and increasing gameplay variety.

First up, there are 4 new building types in the latest update. The Seaweed Pack allows players to place seaweed fields on water and seaweed farms on land. This pack will noticeably impact the early game. The Balloon is a flying building which receives points from the circus, towers, and markets and is meant mainly for the mid-game. The Monument is a small building that should be placed near parks and temples. Grizzly Games says the monument is "a new toy for our most skilled optimizers out there".

Islanders is also getting some new island types. Islands in Islanders are procedurally generated, so this update adds more variety. Players will now see more types of islands as they play. There's a new camera zoom feature in the game, as well as a screenshot mode. This mode hides the in-game UI and cursor, allowing you to take unblemished screenshots. To enter screenshot mode, simply click the camera icon in the bottom left of the main menu. Grizzly Games is asking players to share their screenshots on social media and tag their Twitter account when doing so. This update also contains plenty of quality-of-life and balance updates. Check out the full changelog for more details.

What's next for Islanders? Grizzly Games has "a couple of cool things headed your way" for the game, but the studio wants to focus on new projects. This, Grizzly says, is how everyone gets what they want: cool new games for players and new dev challenges for the studio. We don't know what form Grizzly Games' new projects will take yet. Stay tuned for more news as we get it.

Islanders is a minimalistic city-building strategy game in which players build cities on colorful islands. The game was released for PC via Steam back in April. Check out TechRaptor's review of Islanders here.

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