Minecraft Village & Pillage Now Live with Bamboo, Foxes, Crossbows, and More!

Published: April 23, 2019 3:31 PM /


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The Minecraft 1.14 Update is finally here! Minecraft Village & Pillage has added a boatload of new content for players to enjoy. These new toys include workstations, animals, weapons, mechanics, and a whole bunch of new blocks!

We're not going to cover the whole Minecraft 1.14 patch, but we will highlight some of the cooler things that players can enjoy! Let's dive right into some of the fun new things in Minecraft Village & Pillage!

Minecraft 1.14 Update - New Tools and Workstations

A series of new tools and workstations are one of the more interesting additions in the Minecraft Village & Pillage update. The Crossbow is a variant on ranged combat that gives players another option; you'll do more damage per shot, but it takes more time to reload and it has less overall durability. It can, of course, be enchanted to make it more powerful or easier to use.

The Smoker and the Blast Furnace are two alternatives to the standard Furnace for food and materials, respectively. They'll allow you to produce goods much faster with one notable downside: you won't get any experience from producing goods through these workstations. Campfires are another new alternative that can cook food very slowly and can be used to produce smoke signals.

Two other new workstations will make existing mechanics a hell of a lot easier. The Cartography Table will take a lot of the pain out of mapmaking and the Loom will make it easier for you to make banners.

The Composter will let you take plants that you've grown and turn it into Fertilizer. Fertilizer can, in turn,  be used to help along the other things you're growing, just as you would expect.

Minecraft Village & Pillage - Changes and Improvements to Villages

One of the more notable improvements in the Minecraft 1.14 update is a series of changes and improvements to villages and Villagers. To start, villages will now look different depending on the biome that they're placed in. This should mix up the visuals a little bit in a more interesting way.

The villages themselves have several notable improvements — as well as some new challenges. You can build a bell that will call all of the Villagers to one place. This is a particularly handy tool, but it's also a necessity with the addition of Pillagers. Pillagers can and will raid villages, risking their destruction and destroying a valuable trading partner.

Minecraft 1.14 Update - Brand New Blocks and Animals

It wouldn't be a Minecraft update without some new blocks! The Minecraft 1.14 update brings in a bunch of slab and stairs variants to let you get even more variety in your builds. There are some brand-new blocks, too, like bamboo, barrels, and lanterns! The lantern is particularly interesting as it was first promised way back in the early days of Minecraft and it's now been made a reality.

New animals are also entering the fray — foxes and pandas have been added to Minecraft! Foxes are a danger to chickens, even when they're friendly to you. You may be able to see them sneaking into villages at night, too. Pandas can be found in the new bamboo biome and are adorably fluffy just as you might expect.

That's it for what we're highlighting in the Minecraft Village & Pillage update! This is far from everything that Mojang has added; be sure to read the Minecraft 1.14 patch notes to see everything that they've added! You might also want to check out this really cool Hyrule Castle build that recently premiered.

What's your favorite new thing added in the Minecraft Village & Pillage Update? Are there any features that you think should have been included in the Minecraft 1.14 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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