Minecraft: Story Mode Episodes Go On Sale For $100 Each...

Published: June 17, 2019 1:46 PM /


minecraft: story mode

If you head over to the Xbox 360's digital storefront right now, you'll see something intriguing. Minecraft: Story Mode's episodes are each (yes, each) listed at $99.99. One hundred dollars for each episode.

Before you flex your typin' fingers and start firing off angry emails, there's a reason. Per a post on the Minecraft: Story Mode Facebook page, the episodes are being listed at that price specifically to deter visitors from paying for them. Ahead of the game's delisting (and future inability to download at all) on June 25thMinecraft: Story Mode content was removed from sale on all digital storefronts. On the Xbox 360 store only, users became unable to re-download episodes they'd already bought as a result. As such, these episodes were reinstated for players to download. A prohibitive price was set so new users couldn't buy them. This is a real price and you will be charged $99.99 if you attempt to purchase. The Minecraft: Story Mode Facebook page actually urges players not to buy the game. You've been warned.

At the time of writing, you can still head over to the Xbox 360 store and see these crazy prices.  It's worth mentioning that Minecraft: Story Mode will disappear for good from storefronts on June 25th. That means whether you've bought the game already or not, you won't be able to re-download episodes. If you did buy the game and you're remotely interested in playing or replaying, download your episodes now.

This is a curious case indeed. There have been plenty of games which have been delisted and have still been downloadable after delisting. In addition, other soon-to-be-delisted Telltale games like Batman: The Telltale Series are either still available or still downloadable to those who have bought them previously (or both). The Telltale Games saga continues, it seems.

Would you buy Minecraft: Story Mode for $100? What are your thoughts on the Telltale story? Let us know in the comments below!

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