Minecraft Snapshot Removes Inventory for April Fool's

Published: April 1, 2022 3:16 PM /


Minecraft Snapshot April Fool's cover

The newest Minecraft Snapshot is out, and this year's April Fool's joke has done something a little unusual -- Mojang had removed the inventory from the game.

Minecraft Snapshots are often the first chance the community gets to try out new features before they hit the live version of the game. Recent additions include the "Place Feature" command and Frogs. Now, the latest Snapshot has arrived... and things have gotten a bit weird. Check out this "leaked presentation" from Mojang for some background:


The new Minecraft Snapshot -- which Mojang hilariously enables by default on the Minecraft Launcher -- removes the inventory, therefore only allowing you to hold one block at a time (per the silly tagline).

One has to wonder -- how do you craft? How do you do anything? I haven't the slightest idea after a few minutes of experimentation, but I'm sure someone will figure things out before the end of the day. There won't be much time, though; April Fool's Snapshots only stick around for a day.

Jokes aside, this new Snapshot does add some interesting features. Players can now throw blocks by looking up in the air and right-clicking. The blocks will land on the ground and place properly, too. One hopes that we'll actually see this feature added in the live game.

Minecraft Snapshot April Fool's TWO BLOCKS
TechRaptor can exclusively report the shocking news that you can actually hold two blocks by pressing F.

Also Arriving: Minecraft Snapshot 22w13a

The new April Fool's Snapshot wasn't the only recent addition to the game. Minecraft Snapshot 22w13a has also arrived, introducing Ancient Cities and the new Allay mob.

Allys are fairy-like creatures that can be found in Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions. If you hand them an item, they will fly around and collect all of the surrounding items that match it. Best of all, they'll actually bring these items to the player. If this all works out, we may have another way to do automated harvesting.

Also arriving in this Snapshot are the new Ancient City structures in the Deep Dark biome. These structures hold the new Swift Sneaking enchantment and some new goodies inside, but you'll have to get by Sculk Sensors and Shriekers to get this new loot.


You can play the April Fool's Minecraft Snapshot by loading up the launcher for one day only. After that, you can check out the new content in Minecraft Snapshot 22w13a; check out the full patch notes for all the fine details. If you haven't yet played the game, you can buy Minecraft Java Edition for PC at the price of $26.95 or your regional equivalent.



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