Minecraft Snapshot 22W11A Adds Frogs, Deep Dark Biome, and More

Published: March 16, 2022 3:17 PM /


Minecraft Snapshot 22W11A Wild Update cover

Mojang has launched Minecraft Snapshot 22W11A for Java Edition, adding new Wild Update features such as Frogs, the Deep Dark, Mangrove Trees, and more.

Minecraft snapshots are often the testbed for new features coming in future updates. Sometimes, we get new mobs or changes to fundamental parts of the game. Other times, we get brand-new features. This time around, we're getting a little bit of everything as Mojang lays the foundation for the Wild Update.

Minecraft Snapshot 22W11A Wild Update slice

What's New in Minecraft Snapshot 22W11A?

There are several major additions in Minecraft Snapshot 22W11A, all of which advance the game towards the launch of the upcoming Wild Update for Java Edition.

Let's start with the Deep Dark Biome. This new biome has been properly added into the game along with its associated Sculk material. You won't find any new mobs in this biome. Rather, you won't find any mobs at all -- they don't generate in the Deep Dark Biome.

This Snapshot also adds the foundation of the Mangrove Biome, although the Biome itself has not been added. Several new blocks have been added including Mud (and several crafted derivatives) and Mangrove Trees, although implementation of the latter is quite up to snuff just yet.

The final major piece of new content in this update is the addition of Frogs. Frogs come in three unique visual variants, and each type of Frog can be used to generate a Froglight if you feed it the appropriate food. I'm sure that players will figure out a way to industrialize this process in no time.

Aside from these new bits of content, there's a ton of other technical changes and fixed bugs in this snapshot; you can read about all of the new goodies in the full Minecraft Snapshot 22W11A patch notes. If you haven't yet jumped into the game, you can buy Minecraft Java Edition for PC at the price of $26.95 or your regional equivalent.

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