Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a Adds 'Place Feature' Command

Published: January 19, 2022 2:50 PM /


Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a Place Feature command cover

Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a has arrived for Java Edition and it adds something interesting: a new "Place Feature" command will make it easier than ever to decorate your world in Creative Mode.

There's been a fair amount of cool new content for Minecraft in 2022. Aside from Mojang giving away the Axolotl Islands map for free, it also released a new premium experience that helps you learn English. Of course, custom content creators also have their own cool stuff coming out such as this recent expansive adventure map that basically turns Minecraft into Doom. It is those creative types that will be most happy with the latest Minecraft Snapshot -- a new feature has arrived that will save a ton of time for decorating worlds.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a Place Feature command menu

How the Place Feature Command Works in Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a

Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a contains the usual round of bugfixes and a handful of changes, but the most interesting part is a new toy for creators to play with: the "Place Feature" command.

Simply put, the Place Feature command allows you to generate an object that looks like it was created as part of the world as explained in the release notes. PCGamesN did a little more digging, and I investigated further. Once you're in creative mode, all you have to do is type /placefeature minecraft:birch and a birch tree will spring up right where you're standing. You can also specify exact X Y Z coordinates by appending them to the command.

A number of interesting objects are listed in the menu for the Place Feature command. Unfortunately, not all of them work well just yet -- more than half of the objects I tried to place during testing simply would not spawn; instead, the game spit out a "Failed to place feature" error message.

When it does work, though, the Place Feature command added in Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a saves you a lot of time with fiddling around with individual blocks. Turning a flat land into a forest is a heck of a lot easier now.

Those of you who like to make custom maps in Creative Mode are going to have a powerful new tool when this hits the live version. You can test out this new command in Minecraft Snapshot 22w03a by buying Minecraft Java Edition for PC at the price of $26.95 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the new Minecraft "Place Feature" command? What do you hate most about building in Creative Mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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