Minecraft Has Sold Over 100 Million Copies

Published: June 3, 2016 10:56 AM /


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In a press release earlier today, Mojang has divulged that their ultra smash-hit Minecraft has sold over 100 million copies.


Mojang, the Swedish company behind the block-based sandbox title, released an informative infographic and lists of facts about the game to celebrate its landmark achievement of 100 million sales of the game, making it the second best-selling game of all time behind Tetris.

Ahem, that's 106,859,714 copies, thank you very much.
Ahem, that's 106,859,714 copies, thank you very much.

The infographics also break down the purchases by continent, showing the percentage of PC/Java versions downloaded, console versions bought or mobile/Windows 10 versions purchased. Europe is the most evenly split, with 29% PC players, 36% mobile players and 35% console players. Meanwhile, Latin America leads the console charge with a 15% PC, 38% mobile, and 47% console split.

Things are more evenly split in North America with a 19% PC, 41% mobile, and 40% console base, while things skew a little more in favor of mobile in the Middle East and Africa. 44% of sales are the mobile version there, with 35% going to consoles and 21% on PC. The biggest mobile buyer of all, however, is Asia and the Asia-Pacific. A whopping 51% of Minecraft copies sold there are of the mobile version, with 30% of copies being on PC and only 19% being on consoles.

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The company also stated that each month, an average of more than 40 million unique Minecraft players are playing the game across all platforms. Not only that, but it’s the only game in history to have been bought on all seven continents; Mojang disclosed that four copies of the game were sold to players in Antarctica.

On top of all this, the sales of the Minecraft are not showing any signs of slowing down. According to the infographic, Minecraft has been bought an average of 53,000 times a day since the beginning of this year.


Two years ago, Mojang co-founder Markus “Notch” Persson sold the company to Microsoft for $2.5 billion dollars, and Microsoft was quick to dispel any rumors that they would be taking the game down from any competing marketplaces. In fact, not only have they kept each version going, they’ve continued to add more updates and platforms to the mix. Just this year, Mojang announced and released Minecraft: Wii U Edition in its bid to reach every conceivable audience out there.

Congratulations on your success, Mojang!


Minecraft can be found on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Raspberry Pi, the Windows 10 Store and most recently, Wii U.



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