Minecraft Bedrock Update Foxes

Minecraft Bedrock Gets Foxy With New Update

Published: October 30, 2019 8:34 PM



The long-awaited Minecraft Bedrock1.13.0 patch is now rolling out across all platforms.

Arguably the most notable addition included in this update is the in-game character creator. Previously players would have to purchase a fixed set of likenesses from the store or use external programs to edit the skins and then upload them to the correct directory. Now it can all be done from the main menu. Featuring more than 100 items, players can personalize their default “Steve” by changing their body size, replacing limbs, and growing out facial hair. Since this is 2019, there are plenty of other custom accessories for your character that can be purchased with real money. Don’t worry—those custom skins you’re already fond of can still be used within the new character creator.


After turning your latest Sonic fan fiction into a skin, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Minecraft’s latest mob: the wily fox. Foxes are mostly active after dark and capable of stalking chickens and stealing your loot. During the day you can find them sleeping in the shade, resting up for their nightly pillage. While searching for foxes you might now stumble upon the newly added abandoned villages. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about raiding everyone’s chests when you stumble into town!

Minecraft Bedrock Character Creator

It wouldn’t be a Minecraft update without new items and block types. There are now brown Mooshrooms, which are spawned whenever a red Mooshroom is struck by lightning. New Note Block instruments, dead coral types, and Light Blocks are also added. Suspicious stew can be brewed by throwing some flowers in a pot to gain various potions with short durations. Speaking of flowers, Wither Roses have also been added and they spawn wherever a living mob or player dies to the Wither.


As with every update, there are way too many additions and bug fixes to address. All things patch 1.13.0 can be found here.

What new addition are you looking forward to the most? Maybe you plan on giving some of those bug fixes some love? Let us know down below!


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