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William Chyr announced today that his long-awaited puzzler set in an infinite world, Manifold Garden, is coming to Apple Arcade and Epic Games Store on October 18th. The launch on the Epic Games Store will be a one-year exclusivity deal before coming to Steam. The release announcement also includes no news of the PS4 release, which is still in the works according to the developers. Still, the infinitely recursive world inspired by M.C. Escher looks as gorgeous as ever. You'll be able to pick up Manifold Garden for 19.99 USD when it launches on Apple Arcade and the Epic Games Store on Thursday.

Originally known as Relativity back in 2012 when production started, Manifold Garden has traveled a long road to release. On Twitter, Chyr explains that he originally thought the project would take no more than three months to complete, even without any development experience. Originally a visual artist known for in-depth 3D pieces, he later made the move to game development because of an acute latex allergy that he developed. Now with a small team of developers working full-time on the game, as well as many more backing him in his efforts, it's finally fully ready for release. 

Though initially seeming similar to Antichamber and other puzzle games making use of non-Euclidian geometry, Manifold Garden is more about the use of space, depth, and multiple gravities, as seen in Escher's artwork. Even the official website stretches on into infinity as you scroll down the webpage. Also, Manifold Garden is self-describing as a first-person exploration game, as opposed to the intricate puzzle solving and looping that Antichamber made use of. Chyr described some of his influences as InceptionStarseed Pilgrim and Portal, all of which make extensive use of architecture and recursion in order to navigate through their worlds. Manifold Garden launches tomorrow on Apple Arcade for iOS and Epic Games Store.

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