Milan Games Week 2017 Results

Milan Games Week in Milan, Italy is an important stop on the Capcom Pro Tour due to being the location of the European regional finals. Seven European competitors will qualify via regional points, while an eighth will join them from a last chance qualifying tournament held the day before. Classified as a premiere, first place will receive a big 400 CPT points, however, ONLY first place will receive points. There's no room to get complacent at second or third.

In addition to Street Fighter V, a tournament was also held for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Tekken 7. Streaming was handled by Capcom Fighters and PG eSports 2 on Twitch. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name]” format, with their used characters in brackets.


Street Fighter V

  • 1. Mouz | Problem X [M. Bison]
  • 2. BX3 | Phenom [Necalli]
  • 3. Method RB | Luffy [R. Mika]
  • 4. Meltdown | Mister Crimson [Dhalsim, Laura, Balrog]
  • 5. Epsilon | Takamura [Ken]
  • 5. RASS [Balrog]
  • 7. Method | Packz [Karin]
  • 7. NASR | Big Bird [Ken]
Problem X continues an amazing CPT streak, winning his fourth CPT event in a row, and his second premiere in a row. In less than a month, he's managed to collect a massive 1120 points across the four events, leading him to an extremely secure and comfortable spot within the CPT leaderboards' top ten. He joins the over-1500 club to stand with the likes of Punk, NuckleDu, Haitani, Yukadon, and Tokido. Unfortunately for the rest, they do not receive any points despite their good performances. Takamura, who won the last chance qualifier the day before, was able to at least take one game.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  • 1. Rise | Richard Nguyen [Dante / Dormammu]
  • 2. Alioune [Dante / Dormammu]
  • 3. CDV | WhiteBl4ck [Dante / Strider]
  • 4. Klutch Clements [Gamora / Dante]
  • 5. Vlafaris [Morrigan / Strider]
  • 5. Bebop [Nova / Ultron]
  • 7. Ken Oh [Ultron / Dormammu]
  • 7. Zanfox [Captain Marvel / Spider-Man]
Richard Nguyen, who was sponsored by Rise immediately after an impressive showing at SoCal Regionals, makes another convincing argument for others to keep an eye on him by taking home the win.

Tekken 7

  • 1. Tissuemon [Master Raven]
  • 2. Fergus [Asuka]
  • 3. Super Akouma [Akuma]
  • 4. Danielmado [Jin]
  • 5. The Phantom [Master Raven]
  • 5. Bode [Leo]
  • 7. Mistrust-Storm [Xiaoyu]
  • 7. XeonX [Xiaoyu]
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