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Mighty No. 9 New Gameplay Trailer

Gaming article by Bryan Heraghty on Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 12:11

Keiji Inafune's baby is finally starting to show us what to get excited for. Comcept, the studio behind the crowd funded Mighty Number 9 recently released a new gameplay trailer highlighting the various transformations and stages we can expect from the spiritual successor to Mega Man. The similarities are more than skin deep however, as the trailer shows a variety of themed levels and boss battles much like the Blue Bomber himself is known for.



Beck, the central protagonist of Mighty Number 9, is able to perform a number of transformations such as attaching magnetic limbs to climb up walls, or using a hump in his back to store and spray water. We also got a look at Beck's counterpart Call, who uses a Jetpack to aid in platforming ala Princess Peach's floating in Super Mario Bros. 2 (the American version that is). The game is really shaping up to be an excellent, modern day throwback to the NES/SNES era of platform action gaming. We've seen great success in the last few weeks with Shovel Knight, and with Mighty Number 9 on the horizon, perhaps we could see a new trend of retro style gaming in the industry?

Funding for the project finished back in September of 2013 and the game is slated for an April 2015 release. The game will be released on all platforms.

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