That Might Not Be Link in the New Zelda Trailer.

Published: June 11, 2014 12:55 AM /


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If you thought Link looked a little, well, androgynous, in the new Zelda trailer you wouldn't be the only one. Websites began debating the gender, and indeed even the identity of the horseback hero as soon as the trailer was released. Some believe we may get a female Link this outing, while others claimed Link has always looked a little feminine and this is nothing new. However some went as far as to claim it was not Link, but Zelda we saw in the trailer, and they may be right! 

When Mike Minotti of Venture Beat asked about the appearance, series producer Eiji Aonuma answered "No one explicitly said that was Link" referring to the person in the trailer. One could be forgiven for thinking it a girl. The light blue, the ponytail, the slender frame, thin eyebrows, blushed cheeks and large accented eyes all point to a heroine.

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As I mentioned earlier, a valid criticism of this theory earlier is that Link has rarely been portayed with the macho masculine persona the likes of Kratos and Chris Redfield so famously employ. So while this would definitely be a more metro Link than we've scene in the past, it's nothing unbelievable. Still it begs the question why wasn't he referred to by name? What do you think? Is this the hero of time, or a new heroine for us to play as? Could it be Zelda? This wouldn't be the first time we've scene her fight with a bow. Sound off in the comments!

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