Microsoft's Next Generation Of Consoles In Development, Reportedly Codenamed "Scarlett"

Published: June 13, 2018 10:28 AM /


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E3 is a hotspot for video games news, official and unofficial, and this report brings together both.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference showcased a broad range of upcoming video game titles, with little time reserved for the technology behind the games. A few comments from Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and a report from Thurrott suggest that at Microsoft, a wave of next-generation projects are moving forward under the codename ‘Scarlett.’

At the tail end of Microsoft’s conference, Phil Spencer spoke on the vibrant and growing nature of the modern games industry, before promising to commit Microsoft’s resources to the future of play - a future that involves evolving gaming AI, a cloud-based game-streaming network which will join gaming experiences across consoles, computers and mobile devices, and finally, the next Xbox consoles.

Spencer’s use of the plural ‘consoles’ suggests more than one piece of console forthcoming, Thurrott’s report suggesting that ‘Scarlett’ could refer to a number of devices dedicated to making Spencer’s vision a reality.

Spencer’s speech was a bookend to a conference centered on the much closer future. The main focus of the Microsoft conference was a variety of upcoming games. The arguable highlight of the conference were trailers, Halo Infinite opening the conference, Cyberpunk 2077 closing it. In between, footage was shown of Fallout 76, Kingdom Hearts III, Forza Horizon 4, The Division 2, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, as well as a heaping of other titles, big and small.

With a diverse range of titles, both continuations of franchises and original IPs, triple-A and indie, exclusive and non-exclusive, Microsoft’s conference was focussed squarely on the games coming to their console. Little time was spent on the console themselves, with the next console jump years in the future, tidbits such as this all gamers currently have to go on.

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