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Summer Game Fest

With Microsoft's Summer Game Fest beginning today (at least in regards to the demos) it was only a matter of time until we got the full list, which has been leaked onto Pastebin.

The demos will be running through July 27th, with many of these demos similar to ones you would be playing at E3 or another similar convention. They are a somewhat decent indicator of what to expect from the full games. The list hasn't been officially published yet or anything, but what's pasted below is what we're going to get.

All Of The Xbox Summer Game Demos: 

  1. Skycadia Demo

  2. Momentus DEMO

  3. Dungeon Scavenger Inferno Demo

  4. PHOGS! Demo

  5. Rover Wars : Battle for Mars Demo

  6. Freshly Frosted Demo

  7. Cake Bash Demo

  8. Ars Fabulae Demo

  9. The Vale: Shadow of the Crown Demo

  10. 9 Monkeys of Shaolin Demo

  11. Alchemist Adventure Demo

  12. Projection: First Light Demo

  13. Swimsanity! - Demo

  14. 3D Platformer - Zippy the Circle (Demo Version)

  15. Seasons of the Samurai - Demo

  16. Kaze and the Wild Masks - Demo

  17. Unspottable (Demo)

  18. Destroy All Humans Demo

  19. Project: Summer Ice (Demo Version)

  20. Swim Out Demo

  21. Cris Tales Demo

  22. Haven Demo

  23. Sail Forth Demo

  24. Mars Power Industries Deluxe Demo

  25. Road to Guangdong Demo

  26. OkunoKA Madness Demo

  27. Back to Belt : Demo Edition

  28. The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines Demo

  29. Mayhem Brawler - Demo

  30. Pixel Skater Demo

  31. Klang 2 DEMO

  32. YesterMorrow Demo

  33. KungFu Kickball Demo

  34. Gauntlet Force: Rise of the Machines Demo

  35. Solaroids: Prologue Game Fest 2020 Demo

  36. Fractal Space | Demo

  37. ScourgeBringer (demo)

  38. Ephemeral Tale [demo]

  39. Space Otter Charlie Demo

  40. Diemania Demo

  41. Welcome to Elk Demo

  42. Clea Demo

  43. Tesla Force Demo

  44. Deleveled Demo

  45. Raji: An Ancient Epic Demo

  46. Lost Wing Demo

  47. Aniquilation Demo Version

  48. #Funtime Demo

  49. Dungeon and Gravestone : demo

  50. Chickens Madness DEMO

  51. 2D Platformer - ZJ the Ball (Demo Version)

  52. Flowing Lights Demo

  53. The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav - Demo

  54. Knight Squad 2 - Demo

  55. Tribble Troubles Demo

  56. Helheim Hassle Demo

  57. Nine Witches: Family Disruption Demo

  58. Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale - Demo Version

  59. Hellpoint Demo: The Thespian Feast

  60. Darkestville Castle Demo(n) Version

This list features a widespread list of demos, but perhaps the most puzzling is The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, particularly because it was released in 2012. So why release a demo of it 8 years later...? At least it's a pretty decent game that could do with some more eyeballs on it. Some of these games were in the recent Steam Game Festival, which was an offshoot of Geoff Keighley's first game festival that had demos like these last year around The Game Awards on Steam. This year, while Valve went its own way to organize its event in the summer after a second one was successful in March, Microsoft partnered with Keighley to organize this event.

If you want to monitor the full list of Xbox demos, this official site is a great place to monitor. Be sure to also monitor TechRaptor over the next few days, as on July 23rd (this Thursday!) Microsoft will finally be showing off it's first party titles for the Xbox Series X, which has been long awaited by pretty much everyone in the gaming industry.

What do you think of this list? Are there a lot of demos that look intriguing? Let us know in the comments!

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