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Xbox Gamescom panel has started and with it we see as all of the main characters for Xbox give a pre-roll on what it is to "Jump Ahead" with the Xbox One. This is before Gregor Bieler takes to the stage to introduce all of the developers, publishers, media and Xbox fans to this event in german. After this introduction Phil Spencer takes to the stage to talk about all of the community of gamers that inspires the Xbox team to make the platform something that everyone can enjoy.

The first game talked about is the Rare Replay that released today and how it kicks off the greatest games lineup in Xbox history and he promises to show how it will be even better in 2016. This title and others are part of Xbox's plan to support first party titles as much as possible.

Taking it away from titles too far in the future we get to see a trailer showing off Quantum Break now starring "Iceman from Xmen". In this trailer we learn a bit of the story and then a first look at some gameplay. We get to see different time altering abilities of the main character and how that will not only play into combat scenarios but also in world exploration. Remedy Studios creative director Sam Lake appears to talk to us more about how the game and the in-game live action show are combined. Before leaving they have a trailer from the live action show to demonstrate to people how the show and the game will tie into one another.

Dave Jones creative director of Reagent games takes the stage next to talk about Crackdown 3 and how they want to change how we play open world games forever. From a look at the studio we get to learn a bit more about the game including the different ways that you will affect the game and the inhabitants, the completely destructible world and transforming vehicles.

Third up is Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games to talk about ScaleBound, a RPG where you can explore the world on foot or by dragon. You play as Drew a boy from earth as he is trying to find a mystical artifact. From here Kamiya announced that he is pleased to be showing us gameplay for the first time. In this we see Drew land on his dragon and engage in combat, at first with soldiers and then with a large beast, it's during the beast fight that he puts on his scale armor. He wields a sword and bow but can also direct his dragon to attack or destroy certain parts of the environment. The last part of the trailer gives us a Holiday 2016 release window.

Platform Engineering Mike Ybarra appears to talk about the developments that the console has made such as the ability to view live TV and announced that you will be able to also record live TV as the Xbox One will get full DVR support so that you can record shows even while playing another game. This service will be subscription free and available in 2016. The next announcement is a new Xbox chatpad for the Xbox One controller that will have two programmable keys and a headphone jack. This is available for preorder now. Next he goes on to talk about how all Games with Gold for 360 titles will be backwards compatable so that Xbox One users get 4 games a month. This feature, as well as the new dashboard for Xbox One will be available November.

Killer instinct is the next game that takes the stage as all of your current KI data for Xbox One will carry over onto your Windows 10 version of the game, this includes everything including unlocked characters. Killer Instinct Season 3 was announced that it would be released in March of 2016 and if you can't wait for that then Rash from the Battletoads is joining the roster right now!

Chris Charla, 2 years of ID@Xbox announced at Gamescom, all games talked about today will be released on Xbox One and Windows 10. Koji Igarashi takes to the stage to announce crossplay functionality for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Bloodstained will also feature a new demon hunter character who uses two swords and magic. Cities Skylines and Train Simulator will be on Xbox One first, Daedalic games will be bringing their games to Xbox and Team 17 is supporting many indie developers including Yooka-Laylee. Team 17 is also working on the new worms game which seems to move away from the recent 2.5D style for a 2D style called Worms W.M.D.

Ron Gilbert, creator of maniac mansion and the Monkey island series, talks about Tumbleweed Park part a new classic point and click game coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. Many new titles will be coming to the Game Preview program including ARKRival of Aether and Starbound will also be making their console debut for Xbox One. We Happy Few from Compulsion games, which is getting its console debut this winter with game preview finishes up the ID@Xbox portion of this presentation with a truly creepy tailer.

Jasmine Lawrence, Program manager at Xbox, is here to talk about Windows 10 and its recent launch. They talk about their emphasis on gaming with it and how DirectX 12 will take games to the next level. Square Enix have prepared a tech demo to demonstrate what DirectX 12 can do and show Witch Cry, a presentation that they also gave at the build conference earlier this year. This trailer is meant to show off what can be achieved in engine through the power of Windows 10. As well as DirectX 12 there are also other ways that Windows 10 is focusing on gaming including the gaming DVR, Xbox accessories being build for both Xbox and Windows 10. She then continues to detail various features of the Xbox app including cross buy, cross saves, messaging and profile tracking.

From Mojang Jens Bergensen arrives to talk about Minecraft beta on Windows 10 and how it is free for current Minecraft players and how they want to update it to current PC level as fast as possible. He also announces Cobalt, a new couch co-op multiplayer game that will be an Xbox One console exclusive and coming later in October.

From Software also makes a world premier of Dark Souls III, this trailer shows us various aspects of the world and some of the strange and horrific creatures that inhabit it. From the combat it seems that the gameplay will be a lot faster than prior entries in the franchise, but just as unforgiving. Dark Souls III will be coming in 2016.

Next up is a new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution showing a boy giving a speech to a dictatorship thanking them for unifying the world under duress. It is explained to us after the trailer that in Homefront you playing as a guerilla fighter in this revolution and how it will have a meaningful single player as well as a multiplayer mode where you build a cell of your friends to fight for the revolution. early access to multiplayer beta this winter for Xbox One.

Senior producer EA Sports FIFA Nick Channon, compete at a high level with FIFA trainer, womens national teams, and more exclusives to Xbox One with EA access and Ultimate Team Legends. Ultimate teams will have more legends than ever before with 60 new players being added, there will be new legends chemistry so you can pair nationalities together so that that players work better with one another. EA Access members will get 10$ off on ultimate team purchases, they will also get to play a week early before it hit shelves on September 24th. Lastly there will be two Xbox One Fifa 16 bundles including the game, 3 loan legends and 1 month of EA Access for the 500GB Xbox One edition and 12 months of EA Access for the 1TB version of the bundle.

It wouldn't be Xbox if Halo didn't make an appearance as a trailer for Halo 5: Guardians is shown highlighting the new changes that are being made to Halo Multiplayer with new game mores, new abilities and new experiences. Arena is the new mode meant for eSports and with a new map that they then showed off with EPSILON ESPORTS and Team opTiK showing off the new map and features. Halo 5: Guardians themed console with a 1TB controller is now available for preorder and will be released on October 20th with the game preinstalled ready for Halo 5 launch in the following week. Josh Holmes, Executive Producer on Halo 5: Guardians, takes over to talk about the Halo world championship with a prize pool of 1 million dollars.

In Just Cause 3 style a trailer is shown with explosions, and explosions and even more explosions This game will release on December 1st and when you buy it you will also get a digital copy of Just Cause 2 that will be backwards compatible.

Turn 10 studios Dan Greenawalt shows up talking about all the big things for Forza in 2015 such as their Fast and Furious game, exclusive cars and all the support they have recieved. In Forza Morotsport 6 there will be twice as many cars as any other racing game this generation with 26 different tracks with full detail and realism. 24 player will participate in online races on dedicated Xbox servers to give the best performance possible.. There will also be ranked divisions based on your speed and professionalism. Forza 6 will release on the 15th of September for Xbox One.

Another world premier shows up with new footage for Rainbow Six Siege, we see the team doing what they're best at and covertly getting onto and gaining access to a ship that seems to be at a dock yard.

Crystal Dynamics, Brian Horton Game director to talk about Rise of the Tomb Raider. They show off a geothermal valley 3 times larger than anything else they've created, base camp skill returns, you get to play like you want and approach a situation in what way you want to. This trailer shows Lara as she starts at the edge of an enemy camp and using skills that she's learn't stealthily moves through taking down all of the opposition without revealing her location. When stealth just isn't an option anymore Lara has no issue blowing up a red barrel or two and whipping out a shotgun. It's not all run an gun as we are treated to a variety of images and clips from some of the different tombs that Lara will be raiding in her latest adventure. This game will release on November 13th

Phil Spencer took the stage one last time to wrap up the briefing and add one final thing by inviting Bonnie Ross from 343 industries who announced that in fall 2016 Windows 10 and Xbox One will be getting Halo Wars 2. Apart from the announcement and a release window of fall 2016 there was no further information on it.

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