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Published: August 4, 2015 11:28 AM /



After two other quick announcements, Scalebound hit the stage from Platinum Games. Stepping up to discuss it, they quickly said it was the biggest game that Platinum had ever worked on and that they were excited for it.

The trailer opened with the main character riding the dragon and being a brash youngsters with action set pieces being shown off in what appeared to be actual gameplay shortly after the cinematic, given the cutaway for Platinum's man holding a controller. In the game you control the young man main character who is bound to the dragon and metamorphosed in some way to have scales on one of his arms. In combat you have a mixture of weapons and can also direct your dragon companion to do various things. And this isn't any pansy little dragon either.

The main weapon used in the game play was a bow and arrow with explosive arrows, though when summoning more dragon like powers he was able to go in with sword play and beat up the enemy and then direct his dragon friend to go fire breathing about. The game is confirmed to have various items you'll be able to find as a Stune Mine was found in the combat and you'll be able to toss it around too.

Also announced was 4 player co-op in the game with what appeared to be drop in and drop out play.

It is coming Holiday 2016 so there's going to be a while out but it looks overall great.

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