Microsoft Flight Simulator Analog Bonanza & Baron Announced; Oslo, Nashville, & More Airports Released

Here's your daily dose of Microsoft Flight Simulator news: the Analog Bonanza & Baron have been announced; Oslo Gardermoen, Nashville, & Lognes–Émerainville Airports have been released. The Phantom got new screenshots.😎

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Phantom

Today third-party developers shared news about upcoming aircraft add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and released three airports.

We start with new screenshots and a small development update for DC Designs' F-4 Phantoms,

"I have returned from my holiday but only had a single day so far to catch up with everything. As a result, I only have one set of images for this week’s update, a new colour scheme for the FGR2 Phantom, 92 Squadron RAF. This is the camouflage scheme used by the FG1 and FGR2 force before most British Phantoms transferred to the “Air Defence Grey” scheme in the 1980s. The camo markings are still a WIP but are mostly in place – other squadrons that bore this general scheme will be added in due course."

Next, Black Square and Just Flight announced two more aircraft of its "Steam Gauge Overhaul" series, the Analog Bonanza and the Analog Baron. If you're unfamiliar, these add-ons are designed to completely overhaul the interior and systems of default aircraft while still retaining the excellent default external models by Asobo. Below you can read more directly from the developers and check out some screenshots.

"The Steam Gauge Overhaul series, which already includes the Analog Caravan and Analog King Air, goes far beyond a visual upgrade to the default MSFS aircraft. In fact, the only things that remain of the default aircraft are the exterior models and certain sounds. In addition to the suite of completely custom avionics already seen in the Black Square fleet, the Analog Bonanza and Analog Baron will also include the KNS-81 RNAV computer and the most complete EDM 760 and 800 engine monitors ever in Flight Simulator for accurate engine trend monitoring and leaning."

Other features include:

  • Advanced reciprocating engine simulation with plug fouling, vapour lock, flooding and backfires
  • The most realistic turbocharger simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator to date
  • Turbocharger-driven pressurisation and door seal systems for the 58P
  • Optional tip tanks for the Analog Bonanza and winglets with tip tanks for the Analog Baron
  • Fully compatible with: TDS GTNxi 750, PMS50 GTN 750 & Working Title GNS 530/430
  • Completely interactable electrical systems with over 120 circuit breakers combined
  • Engine limit excursions that decrease engine health and will eventually lead to failure
  • Selective state saving for radio selection, radio frequency memory, failure settings, cabin aesthetics etc.
  • Nearly 200 system failures, set via in-cockpit interface. Either random, based on settable MTBF, or schedulable with optional time acceleration.
  • Over 850 normal and emergency checklist items between the two aircraft. If it’s in the checklist, it’s modelled and interactable in the aircraft!
  • Custom-coded steam gauges with low pass filtering, needle bounce and physics to provide ultra-realistic and silky smooth animations like you’ve never seen before
  • Mathematically accurate VOR & ADF signal attenuation and noise, and remote compass gyro slaving
  • Cabin environmental control system for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and ram air cooling
  • Crew/Passenger oxygen systems and carbon monoxide leaks and detection
  • Improved aircraft performance and aerodynamics parameters
  • Compatible with all existing livery mods for the default aircraft after an easy conversion process.
  • Each aircraft comes with an approximately 100-page manual with technical details, specifications, checklists, tips, tutorials, and more

Moving on to airport releases, Orbx launched its rendition of Oslo Gardermoen Airport (ENGM) serving the capital of Norway. 

It's now available on Orbx Direct for $20.63 including the following goodies.

  • Custom, updated photoreal
  • PBR 4K textures
  • Interior modelling
  • 3 different types of animated jetways to match real world
  • Fully functioning VDGS for all appropriate gates (requires Nool plugin)
  • Animated traffic (Pushback, buses, service vehicles)
  • Custom GSE to match real world
  • Optimised from day 1 for excellent performance

Fly2High launched Lognes–Émerainville aerodrome (LFPL) in France. It can be purchased on Simmarket for the convenient price of 0 dollars. Yes. It's a small airfield compared to what the developer usually releases, but it combines payware quality with free, so what's not to love?

  • PBR texturing based on more than 90 photos taken on site
  • Detailed modelling including the tower interior
  • Animated humans
  • Custom lighting

Lastly, FeelThere released Nashville International Airport (KBNA) in the United States. This one is also available on Simmarket for $21.39 plus applicable VAT.

  • over 100 custom modelled buildings
  • taxi bridges
  • custom night lighting
  • custom jetways
  • complete ground polygon

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, including Game Pass. If you'd like to learn more, you should stay tuned on TechRaptor as we host daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news to keep you updated on the many add-ons coming and released for the sim.

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