Microsoft E3 2018: Sea of Thieves DLC

Published: June 10, 2018 5:39 PM /


sea of thieves curse sails and forsaken shores xbox e3

Microsoft revealed new content coming to Sea of Thieves, including updates Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores.

You can expect Cursed Sails in July and Forsaken Shores in September, according to the trailer shown during Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference.

Check out the trailer revealing the content below:

In the trailer, a prophecy is told and we get a brief look into a new area, which looks like some version of the underworld or hell, but at sea. It also mentions skeleton crews and an ancient evil set loose on the world.

According to a post-conference Microsoft News post, these two content drops will be free updates that will each be accompanied by a time-limited campaign. Cursed Sails will bring skeleton-filled ships to the online pirate game, while Forsaken Shores will open up a new area to the game's map, which is likely the hellish-looking area seen in the E3 trailer.

Additionally, in a separate post, the developers stated that Cursed Sails will also a new ship type called the Brigantine to Sea of Thieves, which can fit up to three players. This is the first new ship added to the game since its launch.

Forsaken Shores will bring another vehicle: A rowboat. The rowboat's purpose is to help you navigate the perilous, volcanic area being added to the open world for this update.

Rocks will rain down from the skies, the seas will be rough and every adventure will be fraught with peril.
Sea of Thieves is an online pirate game from Rare that has you either cooperating or fighting against other player-controlled pirates in an open world. It was released earlier this year in March, and over 4 million players have login in since launch, according to the developers.

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