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In a different experience during the indie game part of their presentation, the Xbox One and PC exclusive game Beyond Eyes was announced for summer 2015. It involves the adventure of a girl who is blind, and seems to be a colorful adventure of sorts with a young girl exploring the world for the first time. While the game had an indiegogo and has been covered for a while now, this is the first mention of the game having a release date in the summer of 2015. You can find more information about the history of the game and some details over at their website.

The game follows Rae, a 10 year old blind girl who was traumatized due to some incidents with fireworks, who befriends a friendly cat named Nami. When it goes missing, she finds the courage to go out into the world and attempt to overcome her fears. It's up to the player to guide through the dangerous world, and the art style is stunning in several different ways. The representation of blindness is an interesting interpretation of the affliction, but the fear of loud noises also restricts her in several ways. Not a lot of gameplay footage was really shown during the demo, and it was as short segment, but with the release being in the summer, more is surely to come from the visually appealing game. The possibilities range from a game with a similar style to Gone Home, to more of a puzzle kind of game. Time will tell as more details are given about the game in question.

Does the game interest you in anyway, or do you need to see more to really want to take a look at it? What do you think about the concept of blindness and interpretation with the trailer, and could you see yourself possibly enjoying the experience?

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