Microsoft and Discord Team Up to Bring Discord to Xbox Live

Published: April 26, 2018 12:40 PM /



In a sign that Microsoft wants to further unify Xbox and PC players under a shared ecosystem, Discord is coming to Xbox Live sometime in the near future. Best known as a kind of a free chat app, Discord is commonly used among gaming communities for all sorts of purposes, ranging from functioning as an even more private in-game chat channel to simply being a place where people with similar interests can talk to each other.

This partnership will allow Xbox users to link their Discord accounts to their Xbox Live Gamertags. In doing so, any friends that you have on the PC will be able to see what you're playing and join you. Needless to say, they will have to turn on their console as well and go through the usual steps to join your game, but if the game has cross-platform play (i.e. Sea of Thieves) then you can play together as normal.

Xbox Insiders can preview this new feature right now by going to the Account Settings menu on their consoles. From there, you can go to "Linked Social Accounts" to, as the name suggests, link your Discord account to your Gamertag. If you're using the PC or mobile version of Discord, you can go to the Connections tab (found through User Settings) and then link your Xbox Live Gamertag through there.

While no specified release date has been given for this new feature, it has become abundantly clear that Microsoft plans to further intertwine the fate of the Xbox brand with PC gaming. Whether this bodes well or ill for both PC and Xbox fans remains to be seen, but this isn't necessarily bad news for Microsoft for now at least (after all, it's best not to put all of your eggs into one basket). It shouldn't be much of a surprise if more news of a similar nature comes out over the next couple of months, especially during E3 2018.

Microsoft is also testing out other things in May for Xbox One, so if you want to read about how groups, high refresh rate, and more are on their way to Microsoft's console, take a gander over here.

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