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Metro Exodus Artyom Edition Promises Awesome Gear for 10 Lucky Fans

January 9, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

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4A Games
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February 15,2019 (Calendar)
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Metro Exodus Artyom Edition has been announced. It does a fine job of putting other Collector's Editions and Limited Editions to shame, even more so because of how limited it is: there will only be ten copies made and that's it.

Ten lucky fans will have the opportunity to win the Metro Exodus Artyom Edition. A special page on the game's official website details the different ways you'll be able to win. At the moment, the only option is a prize draw operated through the game's website. You can see Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky show off the contents of the Metro Exodus Artyom Edition in this recently-released trailer:

The highlight of the Metro Exodus Arytom Edition has got to be the fully-functional Nixie tube watch. This custom timepiece excellently emulates Artyom's signature gadget that he carries throughout the three games of the franchise. His classic bullet lighter and a leather map case are also part of this package, perfectly equipping you for dealing with the apocalypse. (Well, mostly.)


An appropriately-thematic gas mask, Spartan dog tags, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Dmitry Glukhovsky and Andrew ‘Prof’ Prokhorov round out this package. Everything in here is packaged in a steel ammo crate, just as one might expect. The Artyom Edition is made all the more special with one extra feature: the included Spartan dog tags will be engraved with the bearer's name, making this an even more unique product.

Be sure to follow the Metro franchise on Twitter and keep an eye on the contest page to take your shot at winning this awesome box of unique goodies! We're expecting to hear more Metro Exodus news throughout the week, so keep your eye on TechRaptor, too!


What do you think of the Metro Exodus Artyom Edition? Would you like to get your hands on these cool collectibles? Let us know in the comments below!