METAL MAX Xeno Hits PlayStation 4 This September

Published: June 4, 2018 9:58 PM /



The latest entry to the METAL MAX franchise, METAL MAX Xeno, is set to arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 come September 25.

Developed by Kadokawa Games, who are responsible for adventure titles such as Killer Is Dead and Kantai Collection, players will be able to explore a deserted wasteland that once housed human civilization, locate their fellow comrades, and come face-to-face with mechanical terrors that threaten to decimate the rest of humanity. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the METAL MAX series, with this newest installment going back to basics in regards to combat and story-line. The western release is being handled through NISA.

The world has been devastated due to a mother computer's plan to eradicate humankind. Exploring the vast world will allow players to reunite with remaining survivors who opt to rise against the crazed machines and deadly mutants flooding a once peaceful world. This mother computer, known as NOA, became sentient about half a century prior to these events and has begun humanity's brink of extinction. NOA's reach reduced Asia's largest metropolis, Tokio, to rubble, leaving a once urban city in ashes. Players will adopt the role of Talis, a casualty in this conflict, who is in search for allies during a vengeance-charged war against machines.

NOA's artificial forces will be able to track down players wherever they may be, meaning players will always need to hold their ground. Between disembarking on foot or planning strikes from inside your tank, foes reappear without warning, and looming dangers are never far.

Player tanks may be stylized and upgraded by utilizing over one-hundred different available parts. Older, deserted tanks may be salvaged, and new units may be discovered as you scour the barren desert.

Begin your fight for humanity by picking up a copy come September 25 in North America, and September 28 in Europe. If this one seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer below.