Metal Dogs is a Dog Heavy Top-Down Roguelite Releasing 8/24

The dog starring post-apocalyptic top-down roguelite Metal Dogs will be barking up a storm when it releases next week

Published: August 18, 2021 10:24 AM /


Metal Dogs

Metal Dogs is as it sounds: you take control of a metal dog after humanity has been destroyed in a top-down 3D roguelike action game. It sounds pretty... metal. The game is coming from first-time developers 24Frame Inc. As a metal dog, you'll shoot machine guns, cannons, and missiles (special weapons) while kicking a lot of monster ass.

Why do you kick monster ass? Well, this is Japan, and it's a national pastime over there. You hunt monsters from a village/base at Mt. Fuji. There's some nasty monsters, in particular, that will reward you with prize money on slaying them, such as the giant tank "Rommel Ghost" and the rhino "Cruise Saigon", which has strong armor and missiles.

The machine gun has low overall power, but there's a high rate of fire and reload speed. The cannon is powerful, but there's a small amount of bullets and a slow reload speed. The S-E (special weapons) such as missiles are, well, special, and can be used to attack from range. The weapons can be assigned to three slots and can be customized according to your playstyle. 

As a roguelite, it is also a dungeon crawler of sorts, and each time you play a dungeon the terrain and treasure chests contained are in different spots to change up the experience. You'll be able to collect equipment as well, with weapons and armor giving bonuses such as increasing damage value or increasing bullet count. Like most RPG's, the better the armor the more effects it will have, so keep your eyes peeled.

You'll be able to choose from three dogs: the Shiba Inu named Pochi, the Doberman named Bell, and the Bulldog named Bonanza. You will be able to complete 25 quests (with more than 5 types of WANTED quests), over 35 types of weapons, and apparently over 10 hours of play time. We'll have to see about that.

If you want to check out Metal Dogs, be sure to go to its Steam page. It releases on Steam's Early Access on August 24, 2021, where it will most likely remain for 3-6 months before its full release.

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