Messing with Your Lights: Chariot can now interact with Philips Hue Lights

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Chariot and the King

I personally haven't seen anything like this before, and the world of gaming seems to be a step into the interactivity and immersion. Chariot has been a game in the Xbox One library for a while by the guys over at Frima Studios, but they've announced a partnership with Royal Philips, the proclaimed "global leader in lighting" to integrate the Philips Hue with Chariot for an immersive gaming experience. Specifically, if you have the Philips Hue lights in your home (as in the light bulbs specifically for home lighting solutions), you'll be able to use them in conjunction with Chariot for a whole new gaming experience.  It's another step into the world of immersion this year as VR devices such as the Oculus Rift and new experiences like the HoloLens are taking center stage in the world of gaming. The feature was included in the latest update of Chariot on the Xbox, along with the ability to support multiple profiles on Xbox One achievements, along both players in the co-op experience to get the achievements earned.

Virtual Reality, the Hololens, and now, Interactive Lighting.
Virtual Reality, the HoloLens, and now, Interactive Lighting.

The Hue lights are able to react to the gameplay of the coop title with over one million downloads worldwide. For example, when enemies attack you in game, the lights will blink red to indicate that you are under attack. In addition, when the plants in the game bloom, the colors will reflect in the room as well. Microsoft has been impressed with the integration as Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox, said "Chariot has been a great title in our ID@Xbox portfolio since it launched into Games With Gold last year. We’re thrilled that Frima is pushing the boundaries with this new technology from Philips Hue and are really excited to see it come to Xbox." You can see some of the interactions with the video below.

There's not any information about how to integrate the two at this time in terms of the press release, and I am unsure how the lighting works in terms of the Philips Hue itself, but given the claims and those who may own the light system in question, this may be worth a look for those Xbox One owners out there (the Steam version does not have this feature at this time).

Does this kind of immersion interest you in terms of games coming to the real world setting, or does it feel more like a gimmick more then anything else? Would this make you consider getting the Hue lighting in question?

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