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Published: June 4, 2019 2:52 PM /


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Today, Ancient Forge Studio announced that their indie turn-based tactical RPG, Glorious Companions, has been released on Steam's Early Access.

Built from the foundations of a homemade tabletop pen-and-paper system, Glorious Companions is set in the dark fantasy world of Navaroth where players can craft their own journey as a leader of a mercenary company. Players can become a powerful lord, solve the mystery of the Ancient Guardians, or build their fortune via trade.

In-game, players will experience a combat system where no-one is invulnerable, and where a well-timed strike can mean the difference between life and death. This means that no battle is won or lost until the enemy captain is eliminated. Players will also be able to try out the science-based magic system and choose their own side, where they can either become an ally to the Scarres or join the Valrenay militia, with more factions to be revealed throughout the game's development.

It is also important to keep morale high amongst one's own troops. To maintain morale, players can buy their units luxuries such as buying fine food and alcohol, training them at special facilities, and preventing them from bleeding out after a battle. As no two soldiers are the same, players will also need to train their units to their natural skillsets while also outfitting them correctly.

The world is different each playthrough, but once the player is settled in, the Ancient Guardians wake up and threaten the entire world, so players must build up their power quickly. There is only so much one can do in the face of such a grave threat, so players need to either have an army at their back or lots of funds at their disposal.

Glorious Companions is available on Steam Early Access for $26.99.

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