Megaman Legends-Inspired Delta Gal Revived By Creator

Published: August 27, 2020 9:31 AM /


The main character running through town in Delta Gal

Delta Gal, a Megaman Legends-inspired action RPG, has been revived by its creator. The game was cancelled around a month ago but has been brought back to life thanks to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

What exactly is Delta Gal?

Described by its creator Arthur Vyater as a "low-poly Metroidvania third-person shooter", Delta Gal takes inspiration from Megaman Legends in its design and aesthetic. For its art style, Vyater uses a low-poly style "with cel shading baked into textures". The game is pretty early on in development right now, so as Vyater says on Twitter, it doesn't currently have "a plot deeper than finding a shovel". Yesterday, Vyater uploaded a new demo for the game to his page, which you can check out here. The demo is being offered on a pay-what-you-want basis, so you can donate to Vyater's development costs if you'd like.

The new demo for Delta Gal features controller support and, in Vyater's words, "a bunch of other quality-of-life improvements". After this demo's release, Vyater intends to hunker down and get to work on the game, so there won't be any further demo releases. He's promising "more levels and mechanics" in the final release, too, so if you like what you see in the demo, there's more coming. Vyater says he'll fund himself "partly with commissions and partly with donations", so be sure to send a little cash his way if you're a fan of the Delta Gal demo.

Quick Take

I never knew I needed Delta Gal until I played the demo. It's a low-poly gem that feels smoother and more intuitive than Megaman Legends but features similar enemy and character aesthetics. I'll be watching Arthur Vyater's project with great interest and will be checking out the finished version as soon as it launches. I'd implore you to keep up with it, too, especially if you've ever had even a smidgen of affection for Megaman Legends.

Have you tried the Delta Gal demo? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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