Meeple Station Marks IndieDB's First Foray Into Publishing With New Label Modularity

Published: December 7, 2018 1:20 PM /


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Indie space station simulation game Meeple Station came up short in its Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. Despite this setback, Vox Games promised disappointed backers that work on the game would continue. Alex Poysky of Vox Games explained that his company was negotiating with another company to reach a publishing deal. Earlier today, Alex revealed that the company in question was none other than IndieDB, an online repository for indie games.

Despite hosting a large volume of games (over 36,000 at time of writing), this is IndieDB's first step into the world of publishing. In an excited Imgur gallery post and on the game's official Steam page, Alex announced the collaboration between Vox Games and IndieDB. It's clear that the relationship between the two companies is starting strong. Alex had the following to say about their partnership:


My thoughts on the partnership are that it's a match made in heaven. We've found a group that cares deeply about our needs as independent developers who only have room to grow and who come from a prestigious background like IndieDB. We're quite lucky to be honest!
Meeple Station signals the birth of a new brand label, Modularity. Modularity will focus on indie games with modding capabilities. The addition of a backend gives Meeple Station both more powerful tools for its developers and easier modding functionality. The additional funding from Modularity is also going to let Vox Games expand their ambitions on the title and create a larger experience.

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Following its failed Kickstarter, IndieDB and Vox Games came to a publishing deal regarding the pixel simulation game.

Meeple Station brands itself as a complex simulation along the lines of Dwarf Fortress, with RTS elements from Age of Empires. The player fixes up their "ramshackle station" and explores distant galaxies while keeping their meeple (workers) alive. It can be purchased from the company's website along with several tiers of backer rewards. Vox Games expects an early access release next month, January 2019. Players who purchase the game through their website, however, can play a version on their website immediately and possibly buy access to things like naming a cheat code.



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