Medieval Dynasty Update Adds Birds And More

Published: April 14, 2022 1:00 PM /


An eagle soaring through the sky in Medieval Dynasty

A new Medieval Dynasty update has arrived. In this update, you'll get the chance to hunt five new species of birds, and you'll also be able to display new trophies in your home based on some of the animals that you've successfully hunted.

What's in the new Medieval Dynasty update?

After the Medieval Dynasty Windmill Update debuted decoration, the latest update brings a chance to expand that system and add more stuff to your house. You'll now be able to display more items in your house; animals like deer, moose, and wisents will drop skulls when you kill them. You can then use these skulls to decorate your home as hunting trophies, showing off the majestic beasts you've managed to down during the course of your adventure.


A trophy on the wall in the latest Medieval Dynasty update
When you kill certain animals in the new Medieval Dynasty update, you can mount their skulls on your wall as trophies.

That's not all, of course. As was promised in the Medieval Dynasty roadmap last September, this update is also adding five new species of birds: pigeons, crows, hawks, white-tailed eagles, and ducks. All five of these species can be hunted and looted, and they'll drop valuable materials and items if you manage to find them. These birds can be found throughout Medieval Dynasty's world, so be on the lookout for them if you want to avail yourself of the useful loot they drop.

What is Medieval Dynasty?

Medieval Dynasty is an open-world medieval survival game created by Polish developer Render Cube. You are a young man on the run from war, and you must rise from humble beginnings to become a community leader and the founder of a prosperous and long-lived medieval dynasty (do you see what they did there?). Along the way, you'll defend your homestead against animals, gather resources and craft equipment to help you survive, and build an entire village around yourself.

Several villagers around a campfire in Medieval Dynasty
Your objective in Medieval Dynasty is to build a happy town and create a dynasty for yourself.

You can grab Medieval Dynasty right now on Steam. Unlike many games of this type, it's not in Early Access, although it is getting regular content updates adding features like a third-person perspective. It can be pretty tricky to know where to start in a game that's this open, so if you're looking for a little help, make sure to take a look at our Medieval Dynasty beginner's guide for some initial direction. Before long, you'll be running your very own efficient and friendly medieval village.




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