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Media Molecule Dreams

Media Molecule's Dreams was first revealed at PlayStation Meeting 2013, which was also when the PlayStation 4 itself was first announced. The studio presented a rather unusual tech demo that seemed more like a sandbox art toolkit application than a proper game. At E3 2015, the studio released the first proper trailer for it. At the Game Awards 2017, they announced a release window, then slated for 2018. Last month they announced the game would start in Early Access. Now, in a post in the PlayStation Blog, Studio Director Siobhan Reddy released several details for the Early Access release.

According to Reddy, the "creation bit" of Dreams is ready. They still want to add a lot to the project, but for now, they believe it is ready for players to start messing around with the creation aspect. They want players to be able to see their creations on their own screens, with all the necessary tools required to make games or stories, art, or music, right from their couch. In that sense, Dreams seems to be something like the Source Filmmaker application, except much more versatile and flexible to normal users and gamers.

Media Molecule hopes that the Early Access feedback will help them make Dreams an amazing space for creators and players alike for many years to come. The Early Access release includes the full sandbox toolkit only, with the story mode still saved for the full release. Early Access Dreams will also have interactive tutorials and arcade games, templates and additional content created by the studio, as well as access to whatever was created during the Creator Beta. As new features and content are added, Early Access users will be able to experience them, as well as the final full release at launch.

Dreams Early Access will launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive for the price of $29.99 in the US and $39.99 in Canada. It'll be available in those countries, but also all European territories. It will only support English and French in North America. There is no pre-order available, nor is there a release date for the full release. Other details are available in the PlayStation Blog post, as well as the game's official website. The Early Access trailer can be seen below.

Have you been waiting for Dreams since the 2013 tech demo? What kind of content do you hope to create with it? Let us know in the comments below!

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