maneater release date

Eat Some Humans And Other Stuff When Maneater Releases in May

December 12, 2019

By: Andrew Otton


Tonight at The Game Awards, a new trailer for shark simulator Maneater was shown off, which had plenty of shark eating carnage on display. From leaping out of water, snatching people off of boats, to becoming a landshark, there's plenty to grapple with. The big announcement, however, was the release date. You can get your hands on Maneater May 22, 2020.

Maneater isn't simply a game you just play a shark in, either, as customizing that shark is a big part of the game. Called evolving, as it should be, your shark will evolve to your playstyle. Evolving is more than just changing the gameplay, as the physical look of the shark will evolve over time as well based on your choices.

Promising a lot of maneating and exploration, Maneater is aiming to be the best shark simulator—a tall task with such a deep genre.