Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Reveals 6 Brand New Characters

Spike Chunsoft has revealed six more characters that make up Master Detective Archives: Rain Code's offbeat cast, and they're just as crazy as you'd expect.

Published: February 24, 2023 4:17 AM /


Aphex Logan threatening to "deck" everyone in the room in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

Spike Chunsoft has revealed six new Master Detective Archives: Rain Code characters, and they're just as offbeat and crazy as you'd expect. Each of these master detectives has a unique ability; one can pass through walls in ghost form, for instance, while another can find the location of any living being within 50 meters.

Originally revealed in 2021 as Enigma Archives: Rain CodeMaster Detective Archives will follow an extra-legal detective organization tasked with taking on unsolved mysteries. The game is being developed by Danganronpa writer Kazutaka Kodaka's company, so you know what to expect if you've played that game: a rich, melodramatic narrative and plenty of fun detective gameplay.

You can also look forward to an idiosyncratic cast of characters, six of whom have been revealed today. Each of them has a "Forensic Forte", a special power that helps them do their job. First up is Vivia Twilight, a "decadent and aesthetic" detective with the power to enter ghost form and pass through solid objects.

Vivia Twilight in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

Your next new character is the brilliantly-named Aphex Logan, who is a rough-and-ready brawler looking to solve as many problems as he can with violence. He can find any living thing within a radius of 50 meters.

Aphex Logan in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

Next up, it's Zange Eraser, an older detective with some shady ties to a governmental outfit. His Forensic Forte is the ability to transcribe his memories onto electronic objects like smartphones.

Zange Eraser in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

This charming fellow is Zilch Alexander, who likes conversations to be short and to the point. He's got the ability to control animals in order to gather intelligence, which means he can slip into areas humans can't usually get to.

Zilch Alexander in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

This young man is Desuhiko Thunderbolt, a "goofball" with a propensity for hitting on women and the ability to disguise himself "visually and psychologically". You can see how that'd come in handy in a detective adventure!

Desuhiko Thunderbolt in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

Last but not least, here's Halara Nightmare, a mercenary detective who "only believes in money" and won't take a request without being paid. Looks like Halara has been paid in exposure one too many times, eh? Forensic Forte-wise, Halara can see a crime scene the way it looked when it was first discovered.

Halara Nightmare in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

As you can see, you'll have quite the cast of characters to get to know in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. The game is set to launch on June 30th for Nintendo Switch, and you can pre-order it here if you like. The Mysteriful Special Edition of Master Detective Archives comes with a special steelbook, an art book full of commentary from the developers, a Shinigami plush, a soundtrack, and a special outerbox, as well as the game itself, of course. Be sure to give that a look if you already know you're going to love this one.

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