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Published: July 29, 2015 9:14 PM /


Smash Update 2

An enormous content update for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS will be coming Friday, July 31. The content update will add new costumes, stages, game types, and more! Nintendo revealed the news via a series of tweets from the Japanese twitter account for Super Smash Bros. These tweets (in Japanese) can be found here:

The first tweet reveled that on the morning of Friday, July 31, the update will happen. In addition, to Tourney Mode for Wii U and Replay Uploading, new premium DLC will also be distributed.

In the second tweet, they spoke about Tourney Mode, where players compete to win points over a period of time. Players will be able to create their own tourneys and make the rules as they like. The Smash team will also be holding tournaments for players to compete for the #1 spot. Tourney Mode will be available for free.

The third tweet revealed the new Mii costume "Smash Hoodie", which will be wearable by all three types of Mii fighters. The costume can be seen below sporting a zip-up, Smash logo, fiery sleeve, and gray pants.

Smash Hoodie

Next reveled were two throwback stages, Peach's Castle 64 and Hyrule Castle 64, would both be available. They can be purchased for250 yen ($2) on one console, or can be bought for both consoles at 350 yen ($3).

SSB Stages

After this, the Smash Twitter account revealed two new (and perhaps heartbreakingly disappointing) Mii fighter costumes. The first Tweet reveled a new Chrom costume for the Mii Swordsman. Chrom had been a highly requested character before the game even released, and seeing him now may bring fans the chance to play as Chrom they were hoping for, or just more deep sighing. Accompanying the picture read: "Unsheathe your Falchion and show Marth who the real Hero King is!"


Following this, the account revealed a King K. Rool costume for the Mii Brawler. One of the highest requested characters on the Smash Ballot, seeing a Mii costume in place of a proper place on the roster may be disheartening to some, but there may still be hope as Meta Knight also received a Mii costume (well his mask is a clothing item anyway), though he already existed on the roster, and Nintendo wasn't trying to sell him as DLC. So there wasn't any conflict in potential sales like there might be with trying to sell a new character as DLC. Both the King K. Rool and Chrom costumes will be available July 31.


The final Tweet announced there would be even more costumes to be distributed (maybe we'll get a Wolf Gunner?) that what we saw today, and to check back tomorrow,. So who knows what else we'll see?

Are you excited for the new Mii costumes? Are you hoping for the big K and Chrom to make the Smash ballot? What characters or costumes do you want to see in future Smash updates?

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