Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Mod Restores Lost Content to Legendary Edition

Published: November 8, 2021 2:48 PM /


Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Mod cover

Mass Effect Pinnacle Station mod has been released, finally restoring a lost piece of content to Mass Effect Legendary Edition a little less than six months after it launched on PC and consoles.

After years of waiting, a Mass Effect remaster was finally confirmed in late 2020 and released earlier this year. It brings the classic trilogy back to life for a new generation -- janky ending and all -- although it was missing one piece of optional content known as the Pinnacle Station DLC. Now, a team of dedicated modders has revealed that they've managed to restore it.

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What is the Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Mod?

The Mass Effect Pinnacle Station mod restores a lost piece of content to the game, and it wasn't easy -- indeed, it required a downright Herculean effort from the people over at ME3Tweaks.

Pinnacle Station was originally a DLC pack that challenged players to score big points on four different maps across four game modes. It's certainly a fun side quest, and completing the challenges before you will award you with access to Shepard's Apartment.

Unfortunately, the DLC was one of the few notable ommissions from Mass Effect Legendary Edition. As Game Informer reports, this mod was not created by BioWare; rather, it was created by a company called Demiurge. Unfortunately, the source code for the mod turned out to be corrupt and BioWare simply didn't have the several months of time to recreate it from scratch.

The ME3Tweaks modders didn't recreate it from scratch, either; rather, the Mass effect Pinnacle Station mod is a port from the original game. Mind, that doesn't mean that it's sporting last-gen graphics -- the mod also updates the graphics to bring it in line with what you'd expect from Legendary Edition.

You can download the Mass Effect Pinnacle Station mod on Nexus and finally enjoy this missing piece of content with modern graphics. You'll need the game to play it, though; you can buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PC and consoles at the price of $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the Mass Effect Pinnacle Station mod? What's your favorite DLC from this sci-fi trilogy? Let us know in the comments below!


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