Mass Effect: New Earth, a 4D Theme Park Ride, Opening in May

Published: April 30, 2016 12:45 PM /


Mass Effect New Earth

While Mass Effect: Andromeda is rumored to have been delayed until early 2017, fans of the sci-fi space opera will still get something released from the franchise this year, in the form of a thrill ride in a theme park.

Mass Effect: New Earth is a theme park ride will be opening in Great America park, located in Santa Clara, California. The ride itself will be a "4D holographic journey", which means visually there will be a presentation on-screen while the sitting in motion-based seats that shake, poke, and lifts in time and movement to simulate direct moments of impact shown on screen. The screen itself is touted to be one of the largest LED screens in use today, which will present a visual experience in 3D. 

Great America also promises "incredible special effects" and even live performances as a part of the ride. A short teaser trailer was also released by Great America, advertising the ride and possibly showing off some of the in-ride video.

Mass Effect: New Earth is a collaboration between Great America and Electronic Arts.  "Teaming with a world-wide gaming leader like EA will enable us to build and incredible user experience for Great America guests," said California's Great America VP and General Manager Paul Rehnborg. 

Likewise, EA VP of Entertainment and Licensing Patrick O'Brien is ,of course, excited about the partnership. "Having a partner who shares our commitment to thrilling our fans is extremely important to us," said O'Brien.  "We look forward to building an attraction that will appeal to the Mass Effect fanbase and introduce it to many more."

The ride itself is scheduled to open on May 18th, according to a recent tweet by Great America. They also link to their season pass plans for potential customers in the same tweet. 

This is actually the first EA property to be made into a theme park ride, but not the last. EA is also planning a Plants VS. Zombies, "Intra-active 3D experience", which is set to be released at the Carowinds Theme Park in North Carolina. Likewise, other companies such as Nintendo and Ubisoft have made plans for theme-park rides and attractions across the globe. 

So will you want to ride Mass Effect: New Earth? Leave your comments below. 

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