MaSa Dethrones Scarlett As The WESG Canadian Champion

Published: December 2, 2018 8:15 PM /



In an event that can only be described as "a little bit weird", Scarlett the reigning Canadian Starcraft 2 champion has been unseated by MaSa in the World Electronic Sports Games Canadian Qualifier. MaSa and Scarlett are the region's juggernaut players boasting impressive career records in regional and global tournaments, most notably Scarlett's recent tournament win at IEM Pyeongchang. But in a turn of events that represented both a major upset and an expected result, MaSa has defeated Scarlett for the WESG qualification, sending him to China as Canada's 2018 representative.

Scarlett was definitely the community favorite to win this tournament. She is a beloved face all over the Starcraft 2 community and recognized easily as one of the best players in the world, often called the Queen of Starcraft 2. But MaSa is a decorated player himself and represents a very real challenge, especially for Scarlett who began their match with only an estimated 32% win rate against MaSa. Scarlett and MaSa both faced off against different players in the semi-finals of the Canadian Qualifier, but as MaSa said in an interview "Everyone knew it was going to be me against Scarlett." Both Scarlett and MaSa took their semi-finals matches with ease with Scarlett dominating TheRiddler in a stunning 3-0 victory and MaSa facing only a tiny upset taking victory against Bioice 3-1.

The Finals match kicked off with a good start from Scarlett. She was able to counter MaSa's mech build with Banelings and Mutalisks followed by a perfectly timed Roach push against MaSa's Thors to take the first game. But from there, it went downhill for her. In game two, MaSa was able to proxy a Barracks and three Bunkers inside Scarlett's natural base, effectively preventing her from expanding and taking the second game with effective Banshee harass. In game three, MaSa then brought out the Cyclones and Battlecruisers and despite Scarlett's best efforts to counter this with Hydralisks and Corrupters, was able to catch her with a defensive Tactical Jump and pincer her army. In the final game of the best of five, MaSa went for a standard bio build and showcased the MaSa classic and used an endless assault of Stimpacked Marines and Medivacs to lay ruin to Scarlett's base before she could even amass an army to defend herself.

These plays are pretty standard for MaSa and as was mentioned he "won in the way he wanted to win." Thus, MaSa will be heading to China to represent Canada at this year's WESG Canadian Champion.

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