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Published: October 28, 2019 3:37 PM /


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In a Tweet from publisher Idea Factory, it has been revealed that their dungeon crawler Mary Skelter 2 would not see release in Australia. According to the Tweet, which can be seen below, the game had been refused classification by the continent's Classification Board. The refusal of classification effectively bans the sale or display of the title within Australia. In other countries, the game has been given an effective 18+ rating, with it earning a Cero D rating in Japan, M for Mature in America, and a Pegi 18+ in Europe.

Mary Skelter 2 is a dungeon crawler in which the game's warriors are capable of becoming covered in blood, which can be triggered by being hit with an elemental weakness or taking damage in excess of their HP. Once a certain level of blood triggers a Massacre Mode in which a character gain higher stats, allows them to heal HP when attacking enemies, and the ability to use powerful Massacre Skills. However, when to much damage is taken, the character will then enter a Blood Skelter state which puts them into a skimpy costume and forces them to attack both enemies and allies. The corruption that causes Massacre mode can be alleviated through a "touching" mini-game in the game's hub world.

Mary Skelter: Nightmares had been able to get a classification two years ago, with the R18 rating

Australia is notable for refusing classification to a number of video games in the past, including the likes of Genital Jousting, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni, and Outlast 2. Reasons given for such titles being banned commonly include the use of drugs, extreme violence, and sexual activity regarding characters who appear to be young. 

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