Marvel's Avengers Interview Discusses Mrs. Marvel, Gameplay Details

Published: October 18, 2019 7:52 AM /


Marvel's Avengers Ms. Marvel

Several details about Marvel's Avengers have been revealed in an interview with HOT 97's Hip Hop Gamer. Scott Amos, Vince Napoli, and Hannah MacLeod took the time to break down some of the details about what we can expect to see from this upcoming game.

Some of the things covered were that which we already suspected like the fact that Ms. Marvel is going to be part of the main cast and playable. Interestingly, she was referred to as the protagonist, that she will be the primary character that leads this game.

We also learned some interesting new things, although many of the responses are carefully crafted to keep from giving too much away.

Marvel's Avengers HOT 97

What we may see in Marvel's Avengers

When asked if this game would be coming to the next generation, Scott Amos replied that the developers like to make the best use of the technology that they have available to them so that the game looks as good as it possibly can. It's a vague answer, but it may indicate that this game will be coming to next-gen systems.

The Hip Hop Gamer asked if there are going to be any sort of combination attacks between heroes. No firm response was given, but there was a sort of knowing smile from one of the developers at Crystal Dynamics.

There was also an indication that villains won't be playable in this game, with Scott Amos stating that their focus is going to be on "telling the Avengers' story". There's also the sense that Crystal Dynamics has plans to keep working on this game for some time.

"So, the campaign itself, that you get at launch, the idea of Kamala as a protagonist, that has a beginning, middle, and end," Mr. Amos said."And when it ends, it sets up the world state for everything new that we're gonna add to it. So new heroes, new stories, new regions. So as new heroes come in, yeah, we'll start mixing and matching, growing your roster bigger and bigger."

You can watch the interview of the folks from Crystal Dynamics below. Marvel's Avengers arrives May 15, 2020.

What do you think of how Marvel's Avengers is progressing? Are there any particular heroes you'd like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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