Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Datamine Reveals Potential Future Content

Published: January 2, 2020 8:00 AM /


marvel ultimate alliance 3

As it is with PC titles, there always exists a few files that you can comb through to find potential future content plans the developer has in mind for the title. This is exactly what data miners did with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and it brought up some interesting findings, to say the least. Reddit user Metlmeta posted bullet points of what was found, and it features everything from new characters and NPCs to even new regions.

First up, Beast, Professor X and Dark Phoenix all mention different team bonuses, and even a new "Inhumans" type coming to the title. Not only that, another hint leans toward the addition of Black Bolt and Medusa as playable characters. In a dialogue between two NPCs, two new regions, the Negative Zone and Doomstadt are used to discuss potential missions. The following summarizes everything data miners found:

  • Beast, Professor X and Dark Phoenix mention several team bonuses, including "Inhumans", which doesn't currently exist.
  • Medusa has a new voice clip added (possibly select sound). These, to me, signal we may get a playable Medusa and Black Bolt to round out an Inhumans team.
  • Spoken NPC dialogue indicates a new Story. The Negative Zone and Doomstadt are explicitly named.
  • Negative Zone mentioned to be very cold by Iceman and that it doesn't bother him.
  • Doomstadt seems to be in trouble, possibly has vampires. Cable mentions not having enough gear to take on a Celestial, so I think it might involve Galactus. (Remember the eyes at the end?)
  • At one point Cable calls out Annihilus by name and says he'll squash the future he causes. Annihilus is usually the leader of the Negative Zone, so it seems he'll be the boss there.
  • New costumes coming: Gwenom, Anti-Venom, Mile Morales hood + vest (in costume), Ms Marvel lightning t-shirt + scarf

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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