Marvel Heroes Launches 2016 Content Update

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Marvel Heroes 2016

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play online action RPG released for the PC by Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios in 2013.  The playable roster includes some of the most recognizable names from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and X-Men movies, along with several others known only to comic book fans. The setup of the story places Dr. Doom at the head of a formidable alliance of Marvel villains, who of course aren’t about to let their heroic counterparts interfere with the malicious purposes Doom has for the Cosmic Cube. In the same fashion as Diablo III, players fight the campaign in order to level up and play it again with more 1337 gear and abilities.

In 2013, Marvel Heroes boasted 21 playable characters. With the January 29th update, which has rebranded the game to Marvel Heroes 2016, that number has more than doubled to 55, and with the list of “team-up characters” (which are available to ally with the player) and other NPCs the list of appearing characters has reached over 100 names. Like the titular 2015 update, however, Marvel Heroes 2016 is bundled with many more significant changes. Xbox 360, Xbox One, Logitech, and Steam controllers are now compatible, and a leaderboard feature has finally been added to build the foundation for future competitions. The Mac version of the game, which has been in beta for over a year, is now fully integrated.

Although Marvel Heroes is described as a free-to-play MMO – and the campaign is beatable without spending money – it is important to note that heroes are only available up until level 10 is reached, at which point only one hero can be leveled to 11 and above while the rest are available for the premium currency.  That premium currency can also be acquired to some extent by in-game currency, the G. Because G prices are variable depending on Gs purchased at a time, there is no one price for a hero. However, the list of in-game prices and conversion rates are available here. Outside of the game, bundles including heroes and costumes range from $9.99 to $199.99 for 54 heroes, bulk-discounted, and related items.

Hypothetical question: are you more interested in a Diablo take on Marvel, or something more traditional in the WoW style?

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