Mars Horizon Daring Expeditions Update Coming Next Year

The latest update for Mars Horizon includes three new missions, new flags, and bug fixes.

Published: November 8, 2021 11:55 AM /


Mars Horizon

The Mars Horizon Daring Expeditions update is coming in January 2022 and will include a Rosetta mission, a Space Tourist Mission, a Chinese Space Agency Mission, new flags, spacepedia updates, and bug fixes. The Mars Horizon Daring Expeditions update can also be checked out early in a playtest that's running from November 12th to November 19th, so if you want to try out the new missions before the new year be sure to keep an eye out.

Mars has been doing pretty well for itself in video games lately. There's the aforementioned space agency management title Mars Horizon, of course, as well as Surviving Mars RTS and the upcoming Opportunity, where players will be able to play as the famous Mars rover in a lonely journey across Mars. Basically, players have been spoiled for choice recently, and with this latest patch Mars Horizon looks to be an even better offering for would-be space agency managers.

What's in the Mars Horizon update?

The main highlight of the patch are the three missions, so let's check them out:

  • Space Tourist: you can send a billionaire or a educator into space upon their own request. This mission will potentially be hazardous to your space agency's reputation, but it could result in some massive rewards for you if everything goes according to plan. There's also new narrative events and cinematics that have been added for this mission.
  • Chinese Rover Zhurong: Those who are playing as the Chinese space agency will be able to send the Chinese Rover Zhurong to Mars as a payload. The developers took inspiration from the recent achievement from the CNSA and have also added new cinematics for the mission.

  • Philae / Rosetta Mission: You'll be able to start research to land on a comet that the Rosetta mission targeted, just like the ESA. There's new narrative events that will "explain the comet's formation and chart its relevance in science." There's also new cinematics and new payloads added in for this mission.

As well as the three new missions there's a been a ton of new nation flags added so players can start their own agency from essentially whatever country they want. There's also new spacepedia entries for space tourism, the Zhurong rover, and Rosetta and Philae. As for the bug fixes, they'll address the balance of a few missions and add in some localization improvements.

For more information on the Mars Horizon Daring Expeditions update, stay tuned to TechRaptor. 

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