Mario Strikers: Battle League Update Includes Two New Characters

Published: July 19, 2022 9:51 AM /


Mario Strikers

The first of three updates in 2022 to Mario Strikers: Battle League has finally arrived, and it will launch on July 21, 2022. The first Mario Strikers: Battle League update includes two new characters, 1 new piece of gear, and a new stadium. Let's take a look at it all, shall we?

What's in the first Mario Strikers: Battle League update?

The latest Mario Strikers: Battle League update includes Daisy, who has 13/25 strength, 9/25 speed, 10/25 shooting, 13/25 passing, and 18/25 technique. She has a technique type that won't allow her to get knocked down. The update will also include Shy Guy, who has middling stats in pretty much everything. He has 13/25 strength, 12/25 speed, 13/25 shooting, 13/25 passing, and 12/25 technique. He's an all-rounder who is reliant on having the right gear for the right situation,  which is pretty cool if you're the type that enjoys mixing and matching to get the best results.


Knight Gear
The Knight gear will come in handy for players who look like to shoot.

There's also new Knight gear that increases both strength and shooting, and a new stadium called Desert Run. It can be used for quick matches or as your club stadium. Desert Run has three different variations and it doesn't look super exciting. It's a stadium with a desert-like appearance, so if you're into that aesthetic, get hyped for this Thursday when the update launches on the Nintendo Switch.

Quick Take

This update was sorely needed. Pretty much everyone has said this game is decent-to-good, but the lack of content really killed its replayability. If the next two updates have as much content as this one, by the end of the year (along with a decent sale) this game just might become a no-brainer for Mario Strikers fans. We'll see.

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