Mario Kart Tour Heads to London, Adds 2 New Characters

Published: November 29, 2019 9:00 AM /


Mario Kart Tour London characters

Mario Kart Tour is heading to London! If you've been enjoying Nintendo's mobile take on their kart-racing franchise, a brand-new level is making its way into the game at the start of the next month. What's more, two new characters will be joining the game!

If you're unfamiliar with Mario Kart Tour, it's basically much of the same great gameplay from the Mario Kart franchise with a whole bunch of microtransactions slapped on top and not as many features as the games from two generations ago. Still, a lot of people are enjoying it, and that's probably why Nintendo is adding a brand-new track to the game: London.


As the tweet announcing this update shows, the London track features a cartoonish Big Ben in the background and several stylistic changes appropriate for the Super Mario universe; for example, the classic red buses have Peach and Daisy's names on them.

Mario Kart Tour London bridge no not that one

Two new Characters Comes to Mario Kart Tour

As you can see in our header image, two new characters are going to be joining Mario Kart Tour. Judging by the silhouettes, I think one of them is Jeremy Clarkson with a silly hat and the other one might be Richard Hammond in a dress.

But seriously, one of the new characters coming to the game is almost certainly Waluigi and the other one is likely Daisy. Daisy happens to be holding a present, so the odds are good that she's going to be a special Christmas version; we can't say for sure if the same will apply to Waluigi.

You'll be able to drive through London with two new characters when this new content comes to Mario Kart Tour on December 3, 2019.

Who do you think the two new characters are in Mario Kart Tour? Are you excited to be driving in London? Let us know in the comments below!




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