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Published: May 2, 2015 7:00 PM /


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In this video, that was created in thanks to several other staff members pitching in with footage, I take a look at the combined DLC packs for Mario Kart 8 to determine if the $11.99 to purchase was worth the price of admission. In my mind, while new characters and new parts were fun and all, it was the tracks that would make or break the purchase in question. I know the 200 cc mode was also a big factor; however, that came free regardless of the purchase of the DLC. So, without further ado....

Ok, so now that you've hopefully watched the video, this was an idea that had been tearing at me for a while now, and the latest DLC gave me the idea to do it. Regardless of your thoughts regarding Let's Plays with the Nintendo Creators Program, the fact is that with the use of Content ID, channels may be hit with bonus claims regardless, or may have to defend their critical work.

While Nintendo has created a lot of great content for the community and games over the last several years, they need to realize that the idea of control that they are going for isn't the best way of going about things, and brings into question questions of Fair Use and critical content. Considering I'm a YouTuber myself, the issue hits too close to home for me, so I wanted to create content in a unique way that brought the issue to more into the spotlight, and given what I had to work with, I got as close as I could without actually using any video footage. I don't expect this to change Nintendo's minds, but I do need to express my concern with their misunderstanding of YouTube and it's impact on global media.

Do you think Nintendo has a claim on revenue that's made of critical content? Or what about non-critical content? And why do you think Nintendo, the one company that most likely doesn't need this sort of media control, is going so far out of their way to stop YouTube content creators by putting up repeated roadblocks, with those who are involved with the program or not?

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