Mario Golf: Super Rush Update Launches Later Today

Published: August 5, 2021 9:58 AM /


Mario Golf Super Rush

A Mario Golf: Super Rush update is set to launch for free later today, bringing with it a new ranked match mode, a new character in Toadette, a new course in New Donk City, and improved motion controls.

What's in the Mario Golf: Super Rush update?

The ranked mode will allow you to choose from up to four players. The game will thankfully check the connection of your opponents in the Ranked Match Lobby before you go online, and once done the match will begin 10 seconds later. You'll have world ranks from 1 to how bad you are. You'll also have a letter ranking, so I assume you'll see letter ranks from F to A+. From what can be seen you'll be able to play via the Standard Golf and Speed Gold modes. You'll be able to play via button controls or motion controls.


At the end of each game, you'll receive match points that will go into your ranking. This is determined by your score, your participation bonus, and your higher-rank defeat bonus, so if you are a D-Rank player and you defeat a B-Rank player you'll get more points than if you were the B-Ranked player beating a D-Ranked player.

If you reach a sufficiently high rank such as A- or higher, you'll be able to choose from different colors for your character. Yoshi players, for instance, will be able to choose from Blue, Red, or Yellow versions.

Toadette lovers will be able to play as her starting from this update. She'll be able to use the Super Pickax Stinger Special Shot to unleash havoc on her foes. Check her (and the new New Donk City course) out here.

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