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if you love me

MangaGamer has a long list of announcements at this summer’s Anime Expo in LA. Five new acquisitions have been revealed for the English translated visual novel site. MangaGamer has also partnered with three new developers to bring new and interesting visual novels to their users.

One of MangaGamer’s new partners is Chuablesoft, bringing their 2015 Moege Award winning game If You Love Me, Then Say So! (Watashi ga Suki nara “Suki”tte Itte!) to the site. Filled with cute girls and a story of first love, this VN is all about deciding how and when to make a confession of love. Featuring many branching paths and an innovative event system, If You Love Me gives players the freedom to choose how they spend their time and declare their love to the girl of their dreams.

Hadaka Shitsuji - Naked Butlers is a yaoi game from another of MangaGamer’s new partners Mada Koubou. Fans of butlers and BL games will be in paradise with this black comedy. The game will include English text, uncensored artwork and be available for both Mac and Linux. The game is called Naked Butlers, need we say more?

Third new partner with MangaGamer is Kalmia8 and their game Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (Bocchimusume x Produce Keikaku) brings something for the otome crowd. In this VN two handsome men attempt to make a reclusive young lady into a fashionable model. The romantic comedy will be available on with full adult content and an all-ages version will be coming to Steam.

Long time partner of MangaGamer, Circus is bringing a new game to English audiences. D.S. - Dal Segno is a game about creating your own paradise. Described as the spiritual successor of the De Capo series D.S. will be available in its original form on with an all ages edition on Steam.

Last in MangaGamer’s new lineup is ClockUp’s new title Maggot baits. Winner of the 2015 Moege Award for top fetish game Maggot baits will be one of the first guro games localised for Western audiences. Known for their erotic thrillers, ClockUp’s new game promises to be dark, violent and sexy.

In addition to the announcement of three new partners and five new games at AnimeExpo, MangaGamer divulged that Supipara Chapter 1 will soon be available to preorder with a release date of July 29th. The project’s crowdfunding process has surpassed the $100,000 benchmark and Chapter 2 is expected to come shortly after. Supipara will be the first English first release of a Japanese visual novel.

MangaGamer has hinted that they will have more exciting news at Otakon next month. A schedule of upcoming announcements and conventions for the company can be found here. There’s a lot of visual novel love and naughtiness for Western audiences to look forward to.

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