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Published: September 3, 2015 8:00 AM /


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Indie studio Evil Twin Artworks, developers of Victory at Sea, are collaborating with Games Workshop to bring an sea faring, open world game to PC called Man O' War: Corsair. Man O' War: Corsair will be based on Games Workshop's tabetlop war game entitled Man O' War, set in the Warhammer universe. Man O' War: Corsair is due to hit Steam Early Access in 2016.

Man O' War: Corsair promises to be full of adventure, combat, and exploration as you take the role of a rogue Captain in the Empire or as a Champion of Chaos. While you sail the Great Western Ocean, visiting the 50 unique ports featured on the one massive contintent,  you can plunder ships with naval combat featuring boarding actions as you take direct control over your Captain.

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With customizable characters, spells, fleets, and mystical creatures clashing as you sail around in Man O' War: Corsair, you'll also have to be wary of the monsters below. As you can see in the teaser trailer below you, they seem to provide a significant threat.

Obviously, the big draw in Man O' War: Corsair is the naval combat, but the right accouterments seem to surround it as well, with customization, trading and fighting other Captains, hiring wizzards, and plenty of races to choose from as well—Orcs, High Elves, Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Skaven, Pirates, Chaos, Sea Monsters ... and even more they haven't said yet.

Man O' War: Corsair will also feature a day and night cycle, as well as have weather affects. The extent to which those will affect gameplay though is uncertain at this time.

Again, you can expect to see Man O' War: Corsair hitting Steam Early Access sometime next year.

What do you think of Man O' War: Corsair? What will it have to do right to be good? Is basing a game on a now out of print tabletop game the right way to go? Do you expect there to be a new tabletop edition of it with this game's release?

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