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Published: November 14, 2018 9:00 PM /


beholder 2

The absence of privacy, a nation led by a dystopian government and a country that does not value their citizen. This and more you can escape by playing Beholder 2. Warm Lamp Games and Alawar Premium announced the release date to the sequel of the 2016 award-winning oppression simulator. You will be able to enter again the bleak world of Beholder starting December 4th for the price of $14.99. The game will be released on Steam and owners of the first game will be granted a 20% off coupon that will combine with the launch discount.

Beholder 2 will take place in the same setting than the previous title but will not retain the same gameplay. For starters, we will not play the game in a 2D side view of a single building with the task to manage and control its tenants. This time around the player will control the main character in a 3D explorable space and will take place into "The Ministry", the central organ of control of this totalitarian state. The main character is the newest member of the institution and, through his eyes, the player will be able to witness the gears in motion of this colossus straight out of 1984.

While the gameplay may have changed in the transition to the second title, the developers promise that Beholder 2 will have the same emphasis on moral choices than the first game, if not even more so. From within the Ministry, our hero will have the possibility to risk his own neck to help the oppressed citizens, or maybe he will be a good loyal employee to climb the ladder or even go the extra mile and aspire to the Prime Minister position. This is all up to the player's decisions.

If you enjoyed the bleak and daunting atmosphere of the first game, get ready to re-enter the gloomy world of Beholder by playing as one of the most miserable creature ever appeared on the face of the planet: the bureaucrat.

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