Major Witcher 3 Bug Affecting Saved Games

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Major Witcher 3 Bug Affecting Saved Games

May 24, 2015

By: Robert Grosso

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It has been reported that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is suffering from a major bug problem.

Reports are a bit scattered, but numerous players have noted that there is an issue with save games becoming corrupted across all platforms, although it appears to predominantly affect the Xbox One version.

There is currently no specific point where the save bug is occurring. Most have noted that the bug seems to hit when The Witcher 3 is suspended for several hours at a time. Others have reported the bug has occurred at random after the player dies.

The issue is widespread enough to have Gameinformers Andrew Reiner give up playing the game until the bug is fixed. Reiner has since been contacted by CD Projekt Red after he began a rant on Twitter, offering the possible solutions.

Please try clearing the cache as instructed below:

- Power down your console

- Unplug the power cable from the back of the Xbox One.

- Wait for two minutes

- Plug the power cable back into the back of the Xbox One

- Monitor the power brick, waiting for it to cycle from a white light to an orange light

- Turn the power on.

This will perform a hard reset of the system.

WARNING! There is another possible solution, however, this may result in losing progress if cloud saving s not on (for more information on cloud saving please consult )

The solution:

- Go to the console's settings / system / clear local saved games.

Upon re-starting the game should re-sync, become functional, and progress should be retained as long as the cloud is on.

Likewise, a workaround for the PC has been posted by users in the CD Projekt Red forums.

[Temporary solution]: 1) Find your Wticher 3 game directory and go into \dir\x64 folder 2) Right click on the witcher3.exe file and select properties 3) Go into the compatibility pane and check ON the 'Run this program as an administrator' and hit apply 4) Launch the game and try saving either manually or quick save via F5.

Rainer, however,  noted that the solutions given thus far are "a band-aid over a gaping wound."

We have attempted to contact CD Projekt Red over the issue, but have yet to receive a response. However, CD Projekt Red is aware of the issue and has made fixing the bug a "priority," according to Kotaku.

So how long do you think until CD Projekt Red can fix this major issue? Please write in the comments below.

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