Major Propnight Update Adds Building And More Next Week

A major new Propnight update is coming, and it's adding some exciting new mechanics to the multiplayer prop hunt game

Published: February 11, 2022 11:04 AM /


A killer chasing down a survivor in Propnight

A big new Propnight update is coming next week. It's adding new mechanics to the game, and it also could be bringing new killers and a new map, although developer Fntastic's messaging has been somewhat unclear on that front.

What's in this new Propnight update?

The new Propnight update follows in the wake of the multiplayer prop hunt game implementing the BattlEye anti-cheat system last month. First up, you're getting building mechanics; survivors will be able to build structures in order to escape from killers or barricade themselves away. You can also break the things you've built in case you go wrong. The second major addition is a Killer's Shop, allowing the killer to buy new equipment that boosts their stats and helps them hunt down and catch survivors.

Sheet-man, a new killer that could be coming in the next Propnight update
The jury's out on whether Sheet-man here will be added in the new Propnight update or not.

In addition to these two new major mechanics, the next Propnight update is adding two new killers and an extra map. The first killer is as-yet unnamed, but she looks pretty creepy; she's got an anime-inspired goth girl aesthetic and a knife (obviously), as well as a scar across her mouth. The other killer is Sheet-man, who is, as the name implies, a man wearing a Halloween-style ghost costume. He wields a sickle and a blade. The map looks to be a rather atmospheric gothic location with crows circling a farmhouse, which is the perfect location for some grisly goings-on.

It's worth saying that although we're pretty sure this content will be included in the update, there is some room for doubt. The Steam announcement for the update seems to imply the two killers and the new map will be part of it, as Fntastic has shared images of all three without saying they'll be added in a future patch. However, the announcement does say Fntastic is "working on" these aspects, and a trailer for one of the new killers says she's coming "soon". In addition, the information about the new killers and map comes after the new update's release date announcement, implying that all of these things are coming in a future update instead. Hopefully, you'll get to try out these new killers and this new map in the Propnight update next week, but we'll have to wait and see.

When does this new Propnight update launch?

You'll be able to play the new content coming as part of this new Propnight update (whatever that content may end up being) next week. The latest Propnight update launches on February 16th. If you're a fan of the game, you can join its Discord channel and get access to the public test branch of Propnight so you can check out the new update right now. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a few days for the update to officially go live on Steam.

A new map that could be coming in the next major Propnight update
You could get to explore this new map in the next Propnight update, although we're not entirely sure.

Propnight is a multiplayer survival game with Prop Hunt-style mechanics. It's best thought of as a mixture of Prop Hunt and an asymmetric game like Dead By Daylight (which recently got a new Tome update, if you haven't caught up with it yet). Survivors can turn into props to help them hide from killers, who must hunt them and figure out where they're hiding. Between this, Dead By Daylight, and games like the still frequently-updated Back 4 Blood featuring asymmetrical multiplayer modes, it looks like people aren't getting tired of hunting their friends down in a variety of gleefully sadistic ways. We'll bring you more on this as soon as we get it.

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